Environmental Degradation Organization of Nigeria Overview

Environmental Degradation Organization of Nigeria is a voluntary uniformed youth organization committed to the promotion of environmental sustenance and youth development through numerous value driven activities to bring about lasting solution to the social, political economic and demographic transformation changes and challenges confronting our environment.

The organization is designed to impact the act of nation building of its citizenry and redirect their productive energy toward social economic and political advancement of our environment and nation at large.

In its bid to implement the aforementioned has devised a means of engaging thousand of Nigerian youths through its special youth intervention programme to provide the youth with access to gaining employment through the implementation of these programmes.  

The rationale behind the organization can only be understood when one take a critical appraisal of sorry state of our environment gazing at us for being responsible its condition. Is obvious that lack of practical guardian and living below expectation (poverty) has really creped into our society that we no longer spare time to monitor, observe and take care of our environment.
The organization is out to improve environmental standard by creating modalities to tackle the scourge of environmental nuisance and other related vices resulting to environmental pollution  improper and indiscriminate dumping of waste thereby leading to out break of malaria, cholera, typhoid and  other varying contagious deadly diseases.

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